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The company IDRO-BRIC S.p.A. - located in Casirate d’Adda (BG), Italy – has been operating since over 20 years on the Italian and European market as producer and trader of consumer products that can be generally dethe house”. The major distribution channels where IDRO BRIC operates are the DIY and the wholesale trade. IDRO-BRIC’s product catalogue contains more than 6.000 articles (taps; handshow- exibles; sliding rail sets; ceramic; fittings etc.) being able to meet the various requirements, from the consumer products to the specialized technical articles. Since January 2013 also the trademark Aquasanit is a part of the range of products offered by IDROBRIC. This has made possible the enalrgement of the range itself and of its distribution on wider scale. Originally founded as manufacturing company, IDRO-BRIC S.p.A. has developed a specific wholesale-oriented know-how aimed to enhance the value of the products by using personalized packaging solutions, reassuring graphics, soft colours, all combined with technical information in a clear and easy-to-read style. Well aware of the fact that achieving success depends also on our capacity to ensure prompt deliveries to all required destinations, our logistics department is able to deliver received orders in about 7 working days all over Italy and Europe, as well as to provide if requested specialized merchandising services.The unique characteristics of the company IDRO-BRIC S.p.A.enable us to realize coherent, complete assortments, which can satisfy thedifferent needs related on the one hand to the spare parts and other sanitary consumer goods and, on the other hand, related to the implementation of “THEME SPOT EVENTS”, possible also by using famous brands, as GROHE, POZZI GINORI, IDEAL STANDARD… IDRO-BRIC S.p.A.has developed in the last years a dedicated export depart-ment especially for the countries where we conduct full business activities; such are Germany, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Albania, Croazia, Belgio, Turchia, Bulgaria and Russia. Our ex-port department is consequentlyable to operate independently, focussing on the research of country-specic and customer-oriented products and services, as well as on the capacity of meeting specific logistic requirements related to the export.In short, these are all substantial arguments that recommend IDRO-BRIC S.p.A. as a serious reliable partner foryour business, enabling you to achieve together with us ambitious business aims and success.

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Via dell'Industria, 4/b - 24040 Casirate d'Adda (BG) - Italy
Tel. +39 0363.326690 - Fax +39 0363.326710
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