Evolution: the name of the series totally includes the essence of elegance outside the box. Its accessories perfectly complete any designer bathroom and thanks to the black color, which corresponds to luxury and power, the series emphasizes better its character: impetuous and linear, elegant and simple at the same time.The clear and refined style ensures that the accessories perfectly fit into the bathroom space. The design concept is also reflected by the matte black finish, which highlights the idea of luxury and beauty, and it is easy to combine with the colors of the walls in order to create a sophisticated contrast.

Concept copertina accessori bagno Aquasanit

Concept is a new conception for accessorizing  the bathroom. The intelligent functionality of the  accessories is an additional complement for a stylish  and practical bathroom.

The shower baskets, made of chrome plated aluminum, have harmoniously integrated the shower wiper into the design. Moreover, the baskets are spacious and deep, preventing the items from falling down from the basket, and they can be easily removed for easy cleaning and a perfect hygiene.With their clear and minimal design, the bathroom shelves are appropriate for every shower enclosure and, despite the generous shelf space, they easily fit everywhere.